All the photographs used for the single covers shown on this page were taken by New Zealand based photographer Clive Pigott.  See Clive's description of the various photos for the covers below. 


Take me with you (single 2020)

November 2018: Waikanae Beach, Kapiti Coast, on the west coast of the north island, New Zealand – about 60km north of Wellington. This is part of a long stretch of coast where people come to roam, swim and fish. You can just see Kapiti Island, which has historical significance to the Ngāti Toa Rangatira (pronounced Nahty Tor-ah). I don’t remember much about the shot itself – this man strolled past while the place was relatively deserted. He looks like he has his coat over his shoulder, and is either leaving or following someone.

Mountains (single 2021)

June 2017: I really don’t remember much about this shot. It was a department store in London and this is one of its side stairwells. I think I was waiting for some shopping to be done. These shots are always a bit cliché but I can’t resist them – I like their symmetry, angles and disappearing perspective.

Until we fly (single 2021)

July 2016: Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. Just after mid-winter. This is a bit of a departure for me as it is a kind of ‘street’ photo – basically shooting others doing their thing. I remember I had specifically gone out to get some shots around town, I came across this chap somersaulting off the promenade on to the sand, then I noticed the lady spectating, and there we are. I like the way he’d taken his shoes off but kept his socks on. Interestingly there was also another guy doing his own acrobatics a bit further along - I haven’t seen anyone doing this along this stretch of beach since.

You don't want to be alone (single 2022)

June 2021: Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand. On this day I was taking a walk through Wellington to get on to the Southern Walkway, which takes you through a green belt from the city to the southern coast. Directly south from there is Antarctica, which is always a nice but chilly thought. It was the mask in the window that struck me as worthy of a photo – it looks desperate, lost and locked inside – perhaps a bit resonant with the times we’ve been in recently

Mannequins and sharp lighting, glass and reflections – creating a nicely balanced but faux group portrait. The two main characters look both menacing and at the same time wary of what they’re looking at. I’m really happy with this shot because I find the faces interesting to look at - we spend so much time trying to read emotion and meaning from expressions that even with these innate but very anthropomorphic dummies I keep wanting to know more from them.

I like street art and here in Wellington, presumably like in other cities around the globe, there are commissioned pieces by local artists. The head in this image, or rather the outline of the held acted as a frame for a fantastical industrial depiction of coffee making. It forms quite a striking image at the end of a relatively old building. Opposite was a building site for a new residential development along Taranaki Street. I remember it being a beautiful day, deep blue skies and bright sun. I thought the head looking across at the cranes and the development formed an interesting story and pleasing image

Las Vegas Hotel June 2019 

A simple shot outside my room in Vegas where the hotels are huge. I like the way the image looks square and symmetrical but the disappearing lines seem to tell a different story. The crazy carpet and the vanishing point are almost nightmarish.